UCSD offers a suite of tools designed to help you discover, document and share your real-world learning experiences.


Research Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) Portal

A comprehensive database of experiential learning opportunities both on- and off-campus.

  • Find a research lab assistantship.
  • Locate intriguing internships.
  • Learn where you can gain valuable skills by becoming a community volunteer.
  • Enhance your education through high-quality activities.


Co-Curricular Record

A verified record of your educational achievements outside the classroom. Document these activities as well as the real-world competencies they demonstrate in an official record maintained by the Registrar. Just like your transcript, it can be sent to employers and educational institutions on your request.

  • Studied abroad?
  • Been elected a student leader?
  • Worked as an intern or research assistant?


Enhanced Electronic Transcript

Extends your academic transcript to include contextual information about your courses and instructors. Embedded data provides the vital details that enable you and others to better understand your academic history.

  • Who taught you BILD 3 or Math 20E?
  • What topics did you cover in POLI 100H and VisArts 104BN?


Electronic Portfolio

Showcases your honors, achievements, skills and abilities. Create a vibrant electronic portfolio that can serve as a bridge between you and your future.

  • Use it to reflect on who you are and where you are headed.
  • Post a blog from the quarter you spent abroad.
  • Upload the research paper you wrote for an academic internship.
  • Share pictures and videos from the project you completed in UCSD's Design Lab.