Portfolium is an electronic portfolio to help you document and visually showcase your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

Create a collection of work samples to bring your transcript, CCR and resume to life:
  • Work/Professional: Expand on each bullet point on your resume with photos and supporting documents
  • Education: Upload real samples of your academic coursework including papers, projects, labs, experiments
  • Volunteer Work: Share videos and photos of your volunteer experiences
  • Clubs & Activities: Share your interests and co-curricular involvement from hobbies, athletics, to studying abroad
Each student has a unique profile link which you can share with employers to show why they should hire you.

The tool is free and available to all students, alumni, faculty and staff from UC San Diego.


Learn more about Portfolium:

 See UCSD Student ePortfolios: http://eportfolio.ucsd.edu/

Why create an ePortfolio?

The #1 misconception is that ePortfolios are only used by individuals with an art or tech background. In actuality, college students of all majors are producing work for every course they take - projects, papers, models, videos, etc. - all of which can be showcased to employers as work samples. In additional, students also gain competencies from their many extracurricular activities, and this work can be showcased as well.

You can tag your entries with the skills you developed, and then share your work with employers, students, faculty and alumni.

In additional, Portfolium is also a:

  • Professional Network: Connect with your peers, colleagues, professors, and potential employers. Get inspired by discovering other people's work or get feedback on your projects
  • Jobs Platform: Look for jobs and apply to them directly through Portfolium! Employers are actively browsing Portfolium for talent.

What are the benefits?

Use your Portfolium to highlight what you have been involved in and to demonstrate the skills you developed through artifacts you have produced. You can use this unique link, which you can share with employers and graduate/professional schools.

Community Guidelines

To help maintain the quality of the UCSD Portfolium community, please follow these Portfolium Community Guidelines when posting and sharing your work.


If you come across content that violates these guidelines, please report it by clicking the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of every portfolio entry.

Portfolium Community Guidelines


1. Only Upload Your Own Work, Skills and Projects:

Portfolium is a platform for sharing your own work — not for uploading or sharing other people's work that you like. If you want to show your appreciation for someone else's work, you can click the "like" button, you can leave them a positive comment, or you can promote their work via social sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Please don't upload other people's work into your own portfolio. This creates confusion about who originally authored the work (and we are all about people getting credit for what they create or what they've done!) If you are uploading a group project, be sure to tag your teammates as Collaborators so the entry appears on their portfolio as well. Also, be sure to say what your specific role on the project was in the entry description.

2. Set Questionable Entries' Visibility Setting to “Only My Connections”:

Portfolium is all about helping students and young professionals get exposure for their work, and our "Only My Connections" visibility/privacy filter is in this spirit as well. Many countries, schools and companies block web sites that don't offer safe browsing so, by offering and enforcing this feature, we keep your work available to as broad of an audience as possible.a. Your Entry Is "Safe" If: It is appropriate for an audience of all ages and geographies, and you wouldn't get in trouble for looking at it at work or school. Anything safe can be seen by everyone everywhere, whether they're registered with Portfolium or not.b. Your Entry Visibility Should be Set to “Only My Connections” If: It contains nudity, expletives, violence or any other material making it unsuitable for a younger audience, a global audience or people at school or work. Content set to “Only My Connections” is available only to you and your Portfolium connections as logged in users.c. Your Entry Visibility Should be Set to “Only Me” If: It contains any proprietary information or information that others outside of your team or company should not be able to view. Typically, your company will have a sharing policy around confidential information for social media that prohibits the sharing of sensitive content and material.d. Don't Upload It At All If: your content depicts minors in a sexual manner, or is otherwise legally obscene or illegal. We report any material exploiting minors to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) Cyber Tip Line. We also don't allow content that clearly is intended to promote hatred.

3. Respect Intellectual Property Rights:

Don't present other people's work as your own or overstate your own role in creating or doing something. Don't use other people's trademarks without permission.If you aren't sure whether your use of someone else's content or trademark in your own work is legal, you can consult publicly available reference materials at the US Copyright Office website, the US Patent & Trademark Office, the Chilling Effects Website, or talk to an intellectual property attorney. If you want to report misuse of your own work or your own trademark by one of our users, you can email abuse@portfolium.com or click the “Report Abuse” link in the bottom left corner of all portfolio entries.

You can creatively showcase your work while abiding by copyright and fair use practices. For example, if you wrote a research paper, share only the actual proof of your authorship. Avoid disclosing specific information about the project and instead, share what you learned from the experience and process. Highlight the skills you learned along the way, and what tools you used.

*If you have further questions about Copyright and Fair Use, the UCSD Library has resource guides and people who can assist you. 

4. Respect the Privacy of Others:

Don't use Portfolium to reveal private information about other people. Don't upload photographic portraits or nude images of identifiable people.

5. Do Not Engage in Automated or Scripted Behavior

Portfolium is a platform for students and young professionals to interact genuinely with one another. Because any automated or scripted process (such as bulk or automated connecting, messaging or liking user accounts and entries, scripted commenting on entries, etc.) undermines the authenticity of our community, we suspend all accounts that engage in scripted behavior. For similar reasons, we also suspend any accounts that accept (or offer) compensation in exchange for positive comments or likes.

6. Only Create A Team/Company Page If You Are Authorized To Do So

Team/Company pages may only be created by a current member of that team who is in good standing or a team's legally authorized representative. Teams created for a brand, company, organization or educational institution must be created by a user with an email address that corresponds to that entity's official domain (e.g., only someone with an '@google.com' email address associated with their Portfolium account can create a Google team page).If you leave a team or company, you need to promptly transfer control of your team page to a current member of the team. We do not permit creating team pages as a way of expressing support for a team, or for parodying or critiquing a team, as they may mislead or confuse users. We also do not permit creating team pages for arbitrary groups or categories (for example: don't create a team called "Top Portfolium Engineering Students" and invite your friends to it).If you believe someone has created a team page that is impersonating your team or organization, please let us know by emailing abuse@portfolium.com.If you'd like to learn more about what is and isn't allowed on Portfolium, please read through the Portfolium Terms of Use.


Portfolium Cheat Sheet Competencies Framework

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