Portfolium for Faculty

Portfolium allows educators to make class assignments and projects portable and reportable for students. 

Electronic portfolios can document student learning and foster critical thinking skills through the metacognitive process which connect their experiences to competencies and skills they will need after they graduate.

View UCSD student ePortfolios at eportfolio.ucsd.edu/


What are the benefits for faculty?

Portfolium allows educators to make classroom work portable and reportable for students.

  • Showcase course assignments: Students can upload specific course projects and tag the instructor or course using the Portfolium tool. Students can connect with their peers by tagging teammates for group projects The tool provides file support for:
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Course papers (e.g. PDF, Word)
    • Presentations (e.g. Powerpoint, Prezi)
    • Sketchfab 3D Models
  • Record and collect your student work: Faculty and students have unlimited storage and access to share course work and artifacts. By "tagging" your course, you can record and collect your student work through previous academic years.
  • Highlight skills: Students can tag skills and competencies developed through your course on the assignment entry.
  • Resource for letters of recommendation: Students can link faculty members to their electronic portfolio as a resource for letters of recommendation.
  • Find inspiration: Faculty can review student work based on discipline and find ideas and projects that students are exploring in their field
  • Connect your students with employers: Portfolium has a portal for employers, which helps them find students with the skills they are looking for. If your student chooses to make their work public, they can share a unique URL on their resume or LinkedIn to showcase their work.

What does an ePortfolio look like?

View UCSD student ePortfolios at eportfolio.ucsd.edu/

You can filter student entries by discipline.



What are the benefits for students?

Portfolium helps students visually showcase their academic and professional accomplishments and experiences.

Students can capture work in many areas including:

  • Education: Students can upload real sample of their coursework including papers, projects, labs, and experiments
  • Work/Professional:Students can expand on each bullet point of their resume with photos and supporting documents
  • Volunteer Work: Students can share photos and videos of their volunteer experiences
  • Clubs & Activities: Students can share their interests and co-curricular involvement from hobbies to language skills, volunteer work to studying abroad.
The tool is free and available to all students, alumni, faculty, and staff from UC San Diego.