CCR Validator

Thank you for your contribution and involvement to the student learning experience at UC San Diego. Your role is important to highlighting the experiential learning opportunities on campus.

As the CCR validator, you will be responsible for verifying that students complete the responsibilities outlined in the CCR submission in order to be recognized on their Co-Curricular Record. Here are some resources to help facilitate, promote, and validate your CCR opportunity. 

If you need assistance transitioning the CCR validator role or if you have any questions, please contact us.




Validator Registration

  1. In order to register as a validator in the system, login to using your UC San Diego Active Directory credentials.validator-login.png
  2. Email to confirm you have logged into the system with the name of your Organization/Department. Once you have logged in, we will be able to grant you access to your CCR Opportunity.

Validation Steps

Once students have completed the CCR opportunitiy requirements, the UC San Diego staff or faculty member can log in to the CCR Portal at to validate the student and have the opportunity added to their transcript. 

  1. Confirm validation requirements and collect student PIDs.

    Each CCR opportunity highlights what is required to have this opportunity validated. For example: Students must attend training, 80% of meetings, plan 2 events per quarter, submit reflection assignment, and complete role for at least 2 quarters.  Ensure you are taking record of student engagement, so you can go back and verify which students did and did not meet the validation requirements.

    You will need students’ PIDs when validating students. Make sure you collect this information at some point during the program and that you store the information in a secure location with no other unique identifiers.

  2. Login to your CCR account at
    Note: Use your Active Directory credentials. 

  3. Select “Co-Curricular Record” on the dashboard on the left.

  4. Select "Validator for the Following Activities" 

    Note: You may see requests in the “Pending” tab. These are students who have added to their record and are waiting for approval. However, if you upload the list in the next steps, it will approve those requested validations.

  5. Select the activity and time period you are looking to validate. If you thought you were the validator for an activity, but do not see it, email


  6. Select the "Participants" tab

  7. Select "Add Position to Multiple Student Records" even if it is for one student. Do not select "Add Position to Single Record." 


  8. Enter or copy and paste the student PIDs one on top of the other. Make sure it says approved, check off "Send an email" then select "Add Position to Record(s)." 


Note: If you submit and some of the IDs do not go through, this means that the student has not logged into the system and/or an account hasn’t been created. Please email for assistance.

Once you select "Add Position to Record(s)" the students will receive an email with the following message:

Congratulations! You have been recognized on the Co-Curricular Record for involvement in an opportunity. When you login to your CCR account at View at, you will be able to view and print an unofficial record or request an official record with your transcript.

Select the Co-Curricular Record tab. There you can select which approved positions you want to highlight on your record. Look at the competencies to help you identify and reflect on what you developed through your experience.

Once you print your record, you can use this in a number of ways. You can attach the CCR to your resume for employers or bring it to an interview, attach it to your application for graduate and professional programs, and submit it for grant/bursary/award applications. You can also use your CCR to help you prepare for your interviews, to help you write your cover letter, resume, personal statement, and applications. If you have any questions, feel free to email

After you validate students, you may notice in your “Pending” cue some requests that were not approved when you uploaded your list. Verify that those students did not participate in the opportunity or meet the validation requirements. Check off the box next to the student request, then select “Decline Selected”.

If you have any questions about validating your students, please contact 

Declining Validations

Students can request approval for opportunities in the CCR portal.

If you receive a request from a student who has not participated in the opportunity or failed to meet the validation requirements, check off the box next to the student request and select "Decline Selected."

If you choose to send an email, the student will receive the following message:

We are sorry to report that your CCR activity validation request was denied because it did not meet all validation requirements. If you believe you satisfied the criteria, please contact the validator for clarification.

If you need additional assistance, email


If you have any questions about this process, contact 


There are four validation deadlines in the year, roughly 1 month at the end of each quarter. Students will be validated in the quarter that the opportunity ends:

  • Opportunities completed in Fall Quarter: January 15
  • Opportunities completed in Winter Quarter: April 15
  • Opportunities completed in Spring Quarter: July 15
  • Opportunities completed in Summer: October 15

Promote your CCR Opportunity

Download the CCR logo and promote your CCR Opportunity on your website and fliers.