Submit a New CCR Opportunity 

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) highlights student achievements in opportunities beyond the classroom including a brief description and the skills developed on the UC San Diego student transcript.

Where Do I Start?

CCR Opportunities must be submitted by a UC San Diego Staff or Faculty member affiliated with the student opportunity. The submission process includes 4 main steps detailed below:

  1. Verify the Opportunity Meets CCR Criteria
  2. Review the CCR Guide to Submit and gather required information in the position drafting documents
  3. Fill out the CCR Submission Form
  4. Wait for Feedback 



Review the CCR Criteria

In order to be approved for the Co-Curricular Record, the student opportunity must:

1. Have a clear connection to UC San Diego: The opportunity must have a clear connection to the university and be capable of being validated by a recognized UC San Diego faculty or staff member.

2. Develop the student's skills and competencies: The opportunity must enhance at least one of the twelve competencies and transferable skills identified by UC San Diego.

3. Provide 30-hours of active engagement through the academic year*: The opportunity must require at least 30 hours of active engagement and work within a single academic year. Positions or activities that are primarily symbolic, and do not require significant programming and duties, will not qualify to be listed.

*Minimum hourly exception granted for opportunities that fall under the "Professional / Career Development Category".

4. Not be linked to credit-bearing activities: All credit-bearing activities – coursework, academic internships, 199s, etc. – are recognized on a student’s academic transcript.  To avoid duplication, these will not be listed on the CCR.  

CCR Approved opportunities can include:

  • Paid student positions e.g. work study
  • Student leadership and governance e.g. council members, committee members
  • On campus internships
  • Mentorship/Peer Services e.g. peer advisors, ambassadors
  • Research opportunities e.g. research assistants/teaching assistantship
  • Student organizations
  • Athletics
  • Certificate Programs and Workshops

See the CCR Approved list here.

Review the CCR Guide to Submit

Use the CCR Submission drafting documents to start your CCR Submission for single positions and multiple positions (e.g. President and Vice-President). For single positions, submit your positions on the CCR Submission Form. If you are submitting multiple positions, please email with a link to the drafting document.

We have also put together a step-by-step guide to help you through the CCR Submission Form. This guide provides general examples which should be modified to suit your student opportunities as needed.

Fill out CCR Submission Form

Once your single position information is finalized, submit your student opportunity using the CCR Submission Form.

If you are submitting multiple positions, please email with a link to your drafting document.


Wait for Feedback

The CCR Evaluation Committee meets quarterly to review, discuss, and approve or decline proposed opportunities based on the criteria listed above.

All submissions received by Week 5 of the academic quarter will be reviewed during the CCR Evaluation Committee quarterly meeting. If approved, any students who completed the CCR activity within that academic year will be able to receive CCR validation and recognition on their record.

We will contact the you with any questions about the submission form during this review process.