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CCR Application Process

Get beyond the classroom experiences recognized on UC San Diego's Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! 

With over 80+ Departments currently recognized on the CCR, we recommend checking out the CCR Recognized List for inspiration, examples and more!


1. Initial Application

The Initial Application (a Google Form) is the first step towards having the Position(s) recognized on the CCR! 

Please note, the ELT Team reviews all Initial Applications for readiness before proceeding with the Application Process.

2. Draft

Using a guided Draft Form, draft the most visible aspects of the CCR Position(s). 

Please note, the ELT Team reviews all Draft Forms to better support capturing the Position(s) on the CCR.

3. Consultation

Virtually meet with the ELT Team to discuss best practices for capturing the Position(s) on the CCR.

4. Final Application

Incorporate recommendations from the Consultation onto the Final Application (Google Form). 

Please note, information from the Final Application will be reviewed for clarity by trained Experiential Educators.

5. Refine

Confirm details from Final Application before Position(s) are officially recognized on CCR.


6. Validation Training

Learn more about the Validation Process which captures student engagement in recognized Position(s).

Initial Application Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Initial Application?

UC San Diego's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) captures engagement outside of the classroom on an official record. While many student positions are already captured (review the CCR Recognized List here), the CCR continues to grow in the ways that UC San Diego students engage in their Colleges, their communities, and in their professional development.

The CCR Application process was designed to provide support, encouragement and validation of the many ways experiential learning is developed while at UC San Diego.

Who can submit an Initial Application?

The Initial Application can be completed by any UC San Diego staff, faculty, or student.

The Initial Application is used for Positions not currently recognized on the CCR (Review CCR Recognized List ). If Position is already recognized, staff are welcome to learn more about the CCR Validation process and CCR Resources for Students

Please note that a UC San Diego staff or faculty is required to serve as a validator for every approved position as discussed in future steps of the application process.

When is the Initial Application due?

  • All Initial Applications must be submitted by February 15th  in order to be included in the review cycle for the current Academic Year.
  • Applications submitted post-February 15th will be reviewed in the next available review cycle.
  • Recognized Positions will be posted on CCR for the current Academic Year, after Validation Training is completed.

How do I know that I am ready to start an Initial Application?

You are ready if:

  1. The Position(s) are not currently on the CCR Recognized List
  2. The Position(s) offer 30 or more hours of active engagement through the Academic Year (can include Summer Quarter)
  3. The Position(s) are not listed on the Academic Transcript
  4. The Position(s) are clearly connected to UC San Diego



If you have any questions regarding the CCR or the Application Process, please direct all correspondence to