Promote Your CCR Opportunity

Once your opportunity has been approved, let students know that their work and skills will be recognized on their official transcript by promoting your CCR approval on your program resources, websites, and social media platforms.

Templates and logos for promoting your CCR Opportunity can be found below.



Add the CCR Approved Logo

When promoting your CCR-approved opportunity on websites, social media, posters, or listserv, please add either the CCR approved logo, or mention that the activity is  “an approved Co-Curricular Record opportunity” or “Co-Curricular Record recognized”

 The CCR Logo file can be found here.

Talk about the CCR in your program

When you’re talking with the students engaged in your program, don’t forget to mention that their involvement can be captured on the CCR! Here is some text that you can read/email off to your students:

By participating in this opportunity, you will be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). The CCR produces an official record that is printed with your transcript that highlights your experiences and skills developed in opportunities beyond the classroom. You can use your CCR to help you write your cover letter, resume, or prepare for an interview. You can also submit it to employers, graduate/professional school applications and for awards. For more information, visit or email questions to


You should also highlight your requirements for CCR validation in the beginning of the program.


At the end of the program, you should discuss the validation process, including when they can expect to have it on their record. We recommend, where possible, to collect PIDs and bulk upload students.

Add information on your website and listservs

Suggested blurbs for websites, e-newsletters, etc.:

  • Get involved and have your experiences and skills captured on your new UC San Diego official
    Co-Curricular Record (CCR).
  • By getting involved, you’ll find community, have fun and develop skills that will help you in your next steps—whether it is looking for a job or applying to graduate/professional school. The new Co-Curricular Record can help you understand the skills and competencies that you developed through your experiences. And it will all be recorded on an official UCSD document, which is printed with your official academic transcript.
  • Your hard work outside of the classroom deserves to be recognized. UCSD now has a Co-Curricular Record, which recognizes your involvement and skills developed on an official, validated record signed by the Registrar of the university. You’ll be able to highlight the skills you developed, which is great when you’re meeting with potential employers or applying for graduate/professional programs.

For more information, visit or email questions to